Thursday, September 30, 2010






although i'm in nine grade i'll still always be six at heart... I still enjoy simple things like Blowing bubbles, and dancing in the rain. ;)
xxoo, jess

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

i know your gonna be there, right in the very front road.



I hope all you Bloggers have your fall jackets and boots out,
because fall is officially here!
It always make me a little sad putting away my summer shorts but fall shopping always makes it worth it.
I know October is going to be an awesome month for me. My friends form Missouri and coming over, My camp is having a retreat, and the unforgettable Halloween!
I hope you guys are as excited as i am! ;)
xxxoo, jess

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer...we love it.





Summer....come back!
I don't know about you guys, but i miss summer vacation like crazy, school is waaay too stressful and involves too much work! I loved that layed-back, relaxed feeling of summer while tanning in your backyard or at the beach with your best friends.
We love you summer!

xxoo, jess

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'cause girl your amazing, just the way you are.



this post is for my friend with an eating disorder.
expecially at the age we are at as freshman in highschool thousands of girls feel pressured in being beautiful and accepted.
Be happy for who you are and what you look like.
sure, you could be a little chubby, it's normal. not everyone can be a skinny barbie, because we are not plastic and this is reality. Once an eating disorder happens its hard to have control over your life again, i've seen it happen.
But for all the bloggers out there who are reading this, for my friend, for anyone, you ARE beautiful. Accept that mole you have on your face you hate, that baby fat you have, your chubby stomach. Be perfectly inperfect.

xxoo, jess

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You were born an original, Don't die a copy.



"If you hate being different, don't. Think of it as looking at the world with a whole new perspective."

Whenever i walk down the street and see people who make an effort to be different, I always find myself smiling and being inspired by their creativity.
Don't ever be ashamed of who you are. As a poster said on the wall of my eight grade classroom, "stand up for what you believe in even if your standing alone."

xxoxo, jess

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

No regrets, just love.





"When we love, it isn't because the person's perfect, it's because we learn to see an imperfect person perfectly."

xxoo, jess

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one...







I find all of these pictures wonderful, they're all of beautiful girls doing different things. I hope one day i can be like one of these girls and model.
The title is to one of my favorite songs "Imagine by John Lennon" I'm sure most of you guys have heard it, it's made by one of the famous Beatles! Which are one of my biggest inspirations.
Tell me what you think.
xxxoo, jess

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Your true colours, shining through.




These pictures are beautiful, the model looks around my age and she's absolutley gorgeous.
and the photographer, great job.
all the pictures i put on this blog inspire me, i also like taking pictures, i just havent put any on my blog...yet. dont be expecting them to be this good though! :p
Adore this.
xxxo, jess

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p.s, you have probably noticed most if not all my pictures are from this site, its because its amazing! it has SO many inspirational pictures, if you are starting a blog or already have one i would suggest this site! :)

urban in the city




The last one isn't too urban, but i think i added it to this post because i think its way too beautiful to be ignored!
I'm from the city, i love the views! My friend lives in an apartment building and has a great view from her balcony (so jealous...)
anyways, leave a comment and tell me what you think. you might even like the city more than i do! ;)
xxoo, jess

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall is almost here!





Fall is almost here!
that means thanksgiving, halloween, and lots of raking!
i dont know about you, but i dont think i will ever get too old to jump in a pile of leaves! Fall is also great for picture taking!
xoxoo, jess

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i LOVE gossip girl.
i find myself smiling/laughing out loud while watching episodes, i am also inspired by some of the outfits blair, serena, etc. wear on the show, most of them are colourful, different, and creative. goodbye converse, skinny jeans, and graphic tees.. hello dresses, skirts, and bright jackets!
you know you love me, xoxo,
jess ;)

everythings changing..

i'm a freshman at highschool this year, its a new school and completly different people.
which means for many a fresh start - hopefully for the better. unfortunatly some of the people i have known since an infant are getting into bad habits. highschool is a stressful time, my older brother who is graduating fom it this year has been through many struggles his four years, form the many things i have learned from his experience is - dont loose yourself.