Sunday, October 10, 2010

random beauty.

I love.....

i love how the sun is shining, it makes it look like the girl in this picture is some kind of godess!

I love how absolutley beautiful the sky looks in this picture, i adore all the shades of colour.

I love how intense the focus is on the person with the camera is. And most of all i love the Beatles top shes wearing - the beatles forever!

I love how natural this looks. being a huge nature lover, i couldnt resist putting this photo on my blog!

i love the scenery and colours in this picture. it reminds me of something i would see when i go to Scotland. beautiful!

I love how much fun she looks like she's having. I can't stand photos where the models look too serious and bold.

What's not to love?
xxoox, Jess

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